Issue 30 cover Revised Issue 1

Weaver’s Craft, a publication by former Handwoven editor Jean Scorgie, features well-designed projects with special emphasis on creative expression in color and design. The projects are for beginning and intermediate weavers on four- to eight-shaft table or floor looms, with most of the projects for four-shaft looms.

Each issue centers around a topic, explaining concepts, discussing options, and illustrating processes step by step. It’s like having a teacher at your elbow guiding you with the information you need to learn and grow.

No advertisements, no filler, just information you can use to make your weaving highly rewarding.

Each issue is like a chapter in a book.

Imagine the possibilities!

Summer 2022 Update

Issue 32, the last issue in subscribers' accounts will be published very soon. It will be a digital pulblication, delivered to subscribers' email addresses. I need to confirm your current email address to compile a complete list.

Please email with your current email address in order to be on the distribution list for Issue 32. If you are unsure about the status of your subscription, send an email and I will check it for you.

Issue 31 is still the current issue. I'm working on Issue 32, the last issue I am promsing to publish. There may be further issues after that but they will be available as single copies through the website or retailers. All the back issues will continue to be available as well. But, no more subscriptions.

Website Sales to Foreign Addresses: Because of new international mailing restrictions I regret that I no longer send issues to addresses outside the United States. Instead, please order through Camilla Valley Farm Weavers Supply in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada.

Thanks for your continuing support and patience!